Paradox file with more than 255 fields

I wanted to have a PDOX file with about 290 fields, but can't due
to the 255 max fields limitation.  So, I set up two
files, both with a "NAME" index.  I have no problem reading all
the data, i both files, so long as the data in the second file is put into
a DBGrid.  However, I want to put data into DBEdit fields, and
other DB controls.  I'm not succeeding at all.  Keep getting an
error mesage during compilation that it can't find "FieldWhatever"
(which happends to be the first field in the 2nd file).  What am
I missing?

I have Table1, Table2, Dataset1, Dataset2.  In Table2, I show the
MasterFields and the IndexFieldNames as both being "NAMES".  HELP.