Multiple paradox lock files on multiple servers

Hope someone can help.....

I have multiple servers, all assigned different drive letters directed at
multiuser paradox databases. Users generally only access a specific server
and database, and my Delphi 2 applications reset the '.netdir' assignment
to the correct area for multiuser access, this works fine, no problems.
even in development mode I do not have any problems with my applications as
I re-assign it at run time.

Ok, so whats the problem I hear you ask ?

Well, the Borland database desktop is the problem !, It relies on the
Borland BDE configuration file and program to get is 'netdir' paramater
from. As you can only assign it to one area at a time, you have to close
the database desktop, run config, change the netdir pointer, save, re-run
the database desktop, and only then can you access the files in a multiuser
paradox (v7) database whilst other users are accessing it.

I seem to spend a lot of time jumping around from one server (and database)
to another, their must be an easier way.

David Hitchen