Enhance Component - PrintGrid: Prints any DBGrid as a columlar report

If the original author of PrintGrid may see this message, please contact me.


1. Prints a DBGrid (include font settings, grid line settings) as a columnlar
report, or output the data to a comma delimiter file.

2. User may switch on/off Report Headings, Sub-Headings*, Page Numbers,
Footnotes, Record Count and TimeStamp.

3. Support two levels of data grouping. Print each Group on separate pages
with Group Header and Sub-Header. *

4. One single component. No coding required, all properties may be set in
Object Inspector. Just say PrintGrid1.Print and it prints.

*Features not in original version

Several months ago I found this PrintGrid Component in GrumpFish Delphi
FreeWare page. I have found the component very useful because it allows the
simplest and fastest way of printing a result set, with all the flexibility of
DBGrid (e.g. switch some particular field on/off, displaylabel, field size,

I modified the component a bit and add in some new features.  I would like to
do something more (e.g. a preview function).  I would like to contact the
original author of this component.  However, anyone is also very welcome to
review this component and make suggestions/improvement to it. Please send me a
email and I will send the component to you.


Godfrey (godfr...@gil.com.au)