TIP: Lou's Delphi Tip of the Day

Last weeks tips:
02/28/99 - Maintaining Code Part II - Naming Conventions
03/01/99 - The annoying TTreeView Hint
03/02/99 - Access the Windows Control Panel
03/03/99 - Get Windows' User Name
03/04/99 - Get & Set Windows' Date & Time
03/05/99 - Resize App to Taskbar Changes
03/06/99 - Try...Finally

If you are new to Delphi or looking for the one simple answer, then stop by
my site.  I am trying to assist some beginners with tips to help them along.
I have added a couple "semi-meaty" tips so far, but my plan is to grow as
they do.  If you don't see what you are looking for, I have a Questions page
that you can feel free to ask me anything.  Now I may not have the answer to
your question, but if I do then I will post it on my Questions page for you.

This page has only been up since 2/20/99 so there are not a lot of tips.
However, feel free to sign-up for my email list and I can drop you a line
each morning letting you know what the tip is for the day.  I will send a
link to my page within the email so you can get to the tip if you like it.

I also added a Poll this week to see how my page is progressing.  If there
is a good response to this poll, then I will add a new one each week that is
Delphi related.

Live Long and Program,
Lewis Howell