COM+ SPM raise "Parameter Incorrect" error


I'm currently having a problem with the Shared Property Groups associated
with MTS and COM+. The problem occur in a server product (implemented using
Delphi 5 Enterprise). The software use Shared Property Groups to store
different properties (server statistics for example)... When I perform a
stress test of the software, everything seems to work fine for about an hour
or two - then I start getting "The Parameter is Incorrect" errors (no
consecutive calls with succeed). The errors originate from the function

The following function is used to retrieve a certain Shared Property Group
(identified by the SServerGroupName constant)... after a number of calls
(this varies - somewhat between 10,000 and 50,000 calls) an exception is
caught stating that "The Parameter is Incorrect".

function GetServerGroup(const S: string): ISharedPropertyGroup;
  Result := CreateSharedPropertyGroupManager.Get_Group(SServerGroupName);
   on E:Exception do
      raise Exception.Create('Unable to get Server Group (' + E.Message +

Could anybody provide any useful information here? Why does everything work
fine only for some time? I'm baffled - can you unbaffle me?


Thomas Rose,
System Engineer,
Intellix A/S

PS: The server software is running on a Win2K Prof dual-processor machine.