bringing up form in designed mode crash ide in 98

Please help,

I have written many programs in 95 using delphi 3 and have them run
w/t problem in 98.  Most recently a program I wrote, when bringing up
a second form would hang the application w/t any apparent reason.
I retested the application, debugged it in 95a - everything seems fine.
Then I brought the source code to a computer with 98 and all the
developement pieces installed (delphi 3, supporting libraries, etc...)
and try to debug it there.  In design mode, all the forms in the application
came up okay, except when I tried to bring up the problem form.  It refuses
to appear and crashed the ide.
All I have on the problem form is a couple of dbgrid, a couple of tables and
datasource, plus a treeview control.  I have similar controls (treeview,
dbgrids, datasets, datasources, on the other forms which exhibit no problem.
I've checked the comctl32.dll possibility, but got to a dead end, since 98
has the latest version of that dll out there (4.72.3110.1).  My 95
computer has version 4.72.2106.4
If anyone has ran into this problem and/or may have any suggestion/advice,
please post a reply.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you