Project JEDI: Release Candidate of Dr. Bob's HeadConv Source Available


For the past year and a half Project JEDI member Alan C. Moore has
been working closely with Bob Swart (Dr. Bob) to reorganize the source
code for Bob's famous tool, HeadConv.  That task is now complete. You
may download the files from the DARTH Home Page at

HeadConv automatically translates C header files into Pascal interface
units.  It has been of great use to many developers who are involved
in the process of translating APIs of new technologies, a major area
of emphasis for Project JEDI.  It was Bob's intention to donate the
source code to Project JEDI's DARTH Team so that the latter could
continue to maintain and develop it from this point forward.  Since
the DARTH Team has been inactive for the past year or so, we are
asking that any former member or any other interested developer who
wants to be a part of this exciting project contact Alan at  Stay tuned for further news.

Best wishes,

Alan C. Moore