Sending long Command lines to Exec

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  "Klaus Hartnegg" writes:

> Chris Seeber ( wrote:
> : I'm trying to send a large string to a .BAT file using the Exec
> : Procedure.  The string contains about 60 variables that will be passed
> : to the .BAT file.  It appears that Exec will only pass about the first
> : 140 characters of the string.  The string is actually about 210
> : characters long.  Is there any way I can get it to work?  I'm using BP7
> : and compiling in real mode.

> This is a limit of MS-DOS, not Borland Pascal.
> The standard solution is changing the program that you are
> calling. Teach it to read its arguments from a file instead
> from the command line.

You can teach a batch file that?  How!

You could make your program _write_ the batch file, with the parameters
built in.

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