D3/Sybase->via ODBC->Hangs PC on Exit

Okay here's the deal...
     Got a Sybase server which I'm accessing via ODBC using TTables in D3.
I have set the active to true for the ttables. Have some TStoredProcs, and
have tried this with a TDatabase and without one. So I'm going along,
adding records, editing records, running my stored procedures, everything
is looking good. The I exit the application. The form appears to close. Ten
minutes later I find that when I try to logout of my network, my
application is still running. Hmmmm...
     Nothing will kill the app at this point. End task tells me that the
file is open sure enough, and that the task is not responding, but
attempting to end the task will hang the PC. Now I have also had Delphi
crash executing an illegal instruction when loading the project, (seemingly
while trying to open the active TTables?). I have also had an occurrence
where the Paradox netfile was left open, but that I can understand.
     I've got a couple of ideas.
#1) The active TTables are causing the problem, and are somehow not being
clossed, or the connections not being released from the database when the
application terminates. Close all TTable before or when the application exits?
#2) Something in my ODBC/BDE Aliases setup is whacked. I get somewhat
confused between the ODBC datasource, the ODBC Driver, the BDE alias that
points to the ODBC driver, and the fact that ODBC DSN appears in like half
of these configuration screens, seemingly in different contexts. So I may
have soemthing fishy going on in my BDE config.
#3) Some other wierd thing like a Delphi/Sybase incompatability that I'm
not aware of.

I would however greatly appreciate any one else's ideas on the subject...


Brad Miller