Using TIDHTTP to write an HTTP client for IntraWeb App-Mode (ISAPI or StandAlone)


I am trying to use TIDHTTP (Indy9) to write an HTTP client to an IW
(App-Mode) created ISAPI.

Something really simple.
My IW ISAPI is running under IIS.

If I create a new Delphi exe, drop a button on a form and write an event
handler onClick to do
Memo1.Text := Http.Get('http://myIp/isapi/NoPool.dll');

I get "My IntraWeb Application Error no Main form is defined"
Same thing happens when I try to access an IW StandAlone.
I have tried this with IW Demos and same problem.

If I change the code to
Memo1.Text := Http.Get('');

everything is fine and I get back the response.

What am I missing here???



P.S. I have tried the HTTPClient demo that comes with Indy8 and have
same problem.