Undesirable scrolling effect in a TScrollBox (D6)


The context:
I have a complex edit form, comprising several text-edit controls (TMemo &
others). From visual point of view it has to be one single V-scrolling area.
So it is defined by a TScrollBox, in which the various text controls are
resized and placed dynamically according to their content, and I do not use
their individual scrolling capabilities.

The problem:
As soon as one of these text-controls gets the focus (by mouse click or
TAB), and if the control is not fully visible, then the TScrollBox scrolls
automatically to show as much as possible of the concerned control.
Typically it will bring the top of the control at the top of the scroll-box,
even though the target point in the control was already visible before the
Also, when the Enter is done by mouse click, we end up with a large
"selection" (corresponding grossly to the amount of scroll) instead of a
single insertion point in the target control. This is not suitable, and even
very uncomfortable in some cases.

I have tried playing with the "DisableAutoRange" and "ScrollInView". It has
some effect, but I could not fing the ideal place where to put these
Also I must keep a minimum of automatic scrolling, as far as necessary to
keep the caret (or the selection end) visible according to user actions.

Could someone suggest a solution ?

Best regards,