Solution: Minimizing NON-main forms to taskbar

I posted a message a few weeks ago asking about how to minimize non-main
forms to the taskbar, or more precisely, how to minimize applications to
the taskbar from forms other than the main form. (I find the fact that
secondary forms minimize to the desktop really unappealing.) I received
a number of replies (and thanks for those) but no one had an answer.
After a little surfing and some trial-and-error I've come up with a

In order to have secondary forms minimize the application to the taskbar
all you need are the following two steps.

1. Declare a private message handling procedure within the secondary
form which will intercept messages destine for the form.

     { Private declarations }
     procedure WMSysCommand(var Message: TMessage); message WM_SYSCOMMAND;

2. Create a procedure in the secondary form's implementation section
which intercepts messages and puts in place a substitution for
SC_MINIMIXE messages so that the Application.Minimize procedure is
executed instead. All other messages pass through normally (they are

   TForm2.WMSysCommand(var Message: TMessage);
     if (Message.WParam = SC_MINIMIZE) then

That's does the trick. I hope this helps others who were also trying to
address this. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this or
possible problems, please let me know.