ARRRGH! Sys error 1157 BDE error 13059

I've just installed maintenance pack 1 and 2 and now, on an app that was
working fine just this morning, I am getting error: system error 1157.
Details reports further error: BDE error 13059.  I searched Developer's
HREF DB and the only thing I could find was to replace either
comblib.dcl or cmplib32.dcl from the run image directory on the Delphi
CD-ROM.  2 problems with this: 1) I don't have either of these files
anywhere on my system.  2) In the run image folder, I could only find
this complib.dcl file - but it appears to be only for 16-bit apps.
(System Info: running Win 95 , Delphi C/S edition trying to connect to
DB2 v 5)