PBM Migration D5 app from SQL6.5 to SQL7.0

Hi all,

I have a big application, built with Delphi 5 Entreprise, and connected to a
database on a SQL 6.5 server. Everything was fine.

But since I have migrated the database to a SQL 7.0 server, the program is
running 8 to 10 times slower !!!

I have checked all indexes and primary keys in the DB, they're all here.

So, what should I do in my code to obtain the same speed than with my old
6.5 server ??

The application is connected to the database through an ODBC link, and the
BDE 5.11 is installed on both client and server machines.

Don't tell me about ADO componants, because I use many specific procedures
that just ADO can't do.

I really need help with this, because I am deeply stuck with no clue.

THx in advance.