Installing Delphi in Win95 environment.

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> > (Chi-Chou Wang (Joe)) wrote:
> > >Has anyone installed Delphi in Win95?  I recently boght Delphi and tried to install the Cd-Rom version
> > >in Win95 and it gave me errors stating that files are corrupted.  Then I pop the Cd-Rom into another
> > >computer running Win WFW and it installed fine.  Anyone experienced this problem?  Is it because of Win95
> > >or my Cdrom drive?
> > >--

> I have installed Delphi and Delphi C/S on my Dell Dimension XPS90 running Win 95 and on a 486-66 with a cheap
> single speed CD-ROM. I have has no problems. Incidentally, these installations were done with the "Final"
> beta and the subsequent "June Prerelease"... both flawlessly.
> I have a friend with a similar PC but a different video card and he gets corrupted file messages from both the
> CD-ROM and diskette installations.
> Could it be Video Related ? - That's the fun thing about Rel 1.0 software on a beta OS - Ya just don't know fer sure!

I have also successfuly set up Delphi under the final beta and the June release.  I have a mach64 video card, if that helps..

I have been using it for weeks with no problems.