BDE/SQL Links Service Application

I submitted this item a couple of months ago and am once again
revisiting this issue.

I have been trying to get a Delphi/BDE/SQL Links application to run as a
service on Windows NT 3.51 Workstation.

When the application runs as a service I get the following
error...DBEngineError. 15879:Vendor Initialization Failed.

I have configured this service to use its own process and have tried
using both the Local System Account with and without interaction with
the desktop, and as a user that has full access to the local system and
network resources for the domain that it is accessing databases in.
Thinking that the load ordering of the services might be the cause I
have also tried starting the service manually after everything else is
loaded.  This doesn't help.

If I run the same application interactively, started from the shell, the
program is able to access databases with no problem.  I don't get any
vendor initialization failures.

If anyone has seen this problem or gotten a BDE/SQL Links Service
Application to run I would appreciate any feedback on a solution.