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How to implement interbase?

Hi all,
At the moment I am working with paradox tables.
Now I am trying to implement Interbase in my appl.
I am working ith BCB5.0

What do i need to realize this?
Can someone give me a step-by-step explanation?
is there a Teach your sef cbuilder interbase ... available?
Is there a website where they explain how to do this?


N. Karademir


Re:How to implement interbase?

Here is the short version.

Do not let the user browse tables. Start the user with a blank form and let
him/her enter some selection criteria that allows you to retrieve a small
set of records with a SQL SELECT. When the user is done with those records
let him/her enter another set of criteria and retrieve the next set of
records to work with.

Do not use the BDE. Use InterBase Express for the best performance. Do not
use Table components. Use IBQuery (read only), IBDataSet or IBSQL (not data
aware) and write your own SQL statements.

Take advantage of stored procedures and triggers to do everything you can on
the database server.

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