*** Using dataset returnet by a stored proc inside another stored proc ***


I need to use the resulting dataset from one procedure. In MS-SQL I do the

Suppose I have a procedure that returns a dataset containing the phone
numbers from my customers

create procedure GetCustomerPhones as
  select Phone from customers

I need to use the phone list to do something. Of course in this example I
can do it accessing the customers table directly, but in my case, this is
not possible. I need to use the resulting dataset from a procedure.

create procedure proc1 as
  create table #phones ( Phone char(15) )

  insert into #phones
  exec GetCustomerPhones

This works fine in MS-SQL, but in Sybase the insert statement seems not to
accept the exec proc form.
Insert works only with values or select statement.

So, how can I use the returning dataset in Sybase?

Anyone knows if exists a newsgroup of Sybase?