Scrollers in a Dialogue

I have an application where most dialogs are made for high resolution
on the screen, but now I need to make it available also with 640x400,
and then the dialog is bigger than the window.

Now, in the ressource compiler, Workshop, it is possible to enable
both a horisontal scroller and a vertical scroller which shows up in
the window when testing, and also when running.

But, how do I manage to get the scrolling of the dialogue window

I tried to override wmHScroller to test if the tDialog got the message
by having it sending a MessageBeep, but nothing happens, so it seems
like that message never is activated by pressing those scrollers. But,
what message are then sent from the scroller to the dialogue and how
do I get it working?

When Workshop enables that possibility, it should also be possible to
use it in the program, but how???

I hope that some else has run into this problem and know a solution to
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