BDE - General Question - 2.52 VS 5.01 - paradox reliability

Hey all...

A simple question...

From experience, is the 16 bit 2.52 BDE more stable then 5.01 for paradox
databases ?

I have a fielded product (16 bit/BDE 2.52 ), paradox stability is good
(believe it or not) even though hundreds of databases in multiple
directories is involved.  My "index out of date", "corrupt header", type
problems have been few and far apart.

We have converted to D4/BDE 5.01 and after prolonged use of the system (on
some computers - win 98 I assume), general database errors while opening,
posting, etc occur and the system has to be restarted.  It sounds like a
resource/memory leak, but none can be found, and the error condition has not
yet been reproducable (unfortunately, when it happened, the user reverted to
the 16 bit version).

BTW: The systems that it happened on were not on a network.

Opinions please !!??