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TTable Open() problem

I'm using BCB 4 and calling TTable::Open() and then checking the
'Active' property.

         if (SourceTables->Exists)
         if (FSourceTable->Active)

The 'Active' property is false but Open() does not throw an exception.
I thought that Open() would throw an exception if it failed.  How do I
check to see why the table did not open?

Using: BCB4, BDE, Paradox table level 7, and TSesion<-TDatebase<-TTable.

Thanks in advance to anyone with help.


Re:TTable Open() problem

Hi Pierce,

The TDataset Open() doesn't raise any exception if it cannot
open the underlying table.
So you should wrap all further access to the Table in a Try/Catch
block in order to track the error and/or check the Active property to see it the Table is really opened.


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