Unix Text File ---> DOS Text File

You all helped me very much, but I think the best solution was to
write my own program including the following lines:

  while not eof(orig) do begin
        read(orig, a);
        if a=#10 then write(temp, #13);
        write(temp, a);

I didn't know the trick to check the chars on #10. Before I tried it
with the functions chr() and ord() with no results.
With the program above it works pretty well, and I don't need any
further units whatsoever.


rdon...@southeast.net (R.E.Donais) wrote:
>>How can I add a carriage return after each line feed and, thus, change
>>the format of the unix text to a dos text?

>>Are there any other possibilities?

>The OpenLF procedure in the files unit available at
>contains one possible solution.  OpenLF combines the assign and reset
>procedures for a quick-'n-dirty TFDD that converts all linefeeds (#10)
>to carriage-returns (#13).  If it was used on a DOS text file then
>every #13#10 would become #13#13 so other input line would be blank.

>The archive contains all the source, so besides using it as-is, you
>can enhance it anyway you want or cut and paste it into your own
>utility file.

>    ...red

Higgi...@ftc-i.SpAmZaP.net wrote:
>Someone was looking for a program to convert UNIX style text files to
>DOS style.  Do you still need something?

>Jim Higgins
>icbm: 33.55.54N, 80.28.13W