Problmes with updating the display under a timer while showing hints

I am having this problem with updating the display while hints are

I have an application, that uses an EXE to launch various DLLs. The
EXE is
actually an application bar that launches various DLL modules, and
module performs their own unique tasks within the one application

Anyway, some of these Module DLLs update a section of their display
using a timer. (The timer is used to retrieve the latest status
retrieved from our own underlying system DLL) if their is a change in
status information then we will display the new details.

This isn't a problem unless the application is displaying hints. If
any module
(DLL) in the same process space displays a hint, the update of the
that occurs under a timer is displayed either within the Hint window
or randomly
on the display (usually the top left).

This is more apparent when displaying a drop down combo box.

The problem is something to do with the fact that the hints are
displayed under
a timer each within different application threads. But when drawing
this is
using the Windows API Text out etc to draw to the screen. So I think
that what is
happening is that the hint & graphic update within the modules are
simultaneously under windows within different threads, and their is no
between these threads (drawing on the screen) thereby causing the

Is there any way to determine if WINDOWS is in the process of drawing
on the display to as to prevent our modules from updating the display
at the same
time as the hints?

or Does anyone know of a hint component that I can purchase that
prevents this
problem? Any help would be appreciate and well received.

Kind Regards

Neal Crocker.
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