Re: (subj change, same topic) the protected exe problem

2003-09-12 02:38:57 PM
>Please, what are you protecting the EXE against? Whom against? How
>well funded are they?
As I explained in a previous post, the protection is designed to
forbid the end user from using more than 3 programs between several
available ones. Look at that post for more information.
just one curious question... do all of these programs provide some sort of
internet-based service (ie. require internet access to actually use some or
all features?)
and if not... another question... is it okay to expect all of the customers
getting the cd of programs, that they'll have internet access anyway?
if yes to either of these,... then how about something like this.....
"heavy-encrypt" the installation programs, and package them all up
together..... then in your main installation program, require that the
customer enter a CD key (located on the cover of the CD case, and
sufficiently large enough that it'd be hard for someone to randomly guess
one)... that CD key then gets sent to a website that'll check if that key is
valid.. and if so, if it was ever used yet... if it wasn't used yet, have
the customer select which programs he/she wants... if it was used, remind
the customer which programs he/she has already selected.... (if it wasn't
used yet, save the list of selected programs to the website)... and
finally... decrypt (using a decryption key sent from the website, for each
program selected) and install the programs...
this has one little downside.. but the companies supplying the programs to
you probably wouldn't mind much... you will only get ONE chance to select
which programs you want.... (so you better put in a verification screen,
asking if they are sure they want those programs... telling them they'll not
be able to select any other programs, even if they reinstall everything)....
if most customers (but not all) would have access to the internet, than
possibly a toll-free number for dial-up would be a solution for those few
without... (depending on the volume of customers... ya'll might be able to
do the dial-up thing for everyone...)
well.. it's just a few suggestions... to get the ball rolling...
Bx.C / shiragaseinen